Fotini Gounari
Section of Rheumatology
Associate Professor of Medicine


B.Sc.1983Aristotelian University,ThessalonikiBiology
PhD1986National Institute for Medical Research, London, UKGenetics
D.Sc.1998Rene Descartes University,ParisImmunology

Academic Interests

Dr. Gounari is interested in signal transduction pathways that are involved in the development of hematopoietic stem cells into the T-cell lineage and deregulations that lead to leukemia. A major focus of research is the pre-T-Cell Receptor, that triggers the expansion and differentiation of immature thymocytes. Her work has demonstrated a cross talk of preTCR signaling with the Wnt/beta-catenin and Notch cascades. Both Wnt/beta-catenin and Notch have been directly linked with human cancer. Dr. Gounari is currently studying the physiological versus pathological interactions of these pathways in developing versus transformed thymocytes.

Representative Publications

  1. Guo Z, Dose M, Kovalovsky D, Chang R, O'Neil J, Look AT, von Boehmer H, Khazaie K, Gounari F. Beta-catenin stabilization stalls the transition from double-positive to single-positive stage and predisposes thymocytes to malignant transformation. Blood. 109: 5463-72. (2007).
  2. Dose M., Khan I., Guo Z., Kovalovsky D., Krueger A., von Boehmer H., Khazaie K., and Gounari F. c-Myc mediates preTCR induced proliferation but not developmental progression. Blood 108: 2669- 2677. (2006
  3. Gounari F., Chang R., Cowan J., Guo Z., Dose M., Gounaris E. & Khazaie K. Loss of the Adenomatous-Polyposis-Coli gene function disrupts thymic development. Nat. Immunol. 6: 800-809. (2005).
  4. Martin C.H., Aifantis I., Scimone M.L., von Andrian U.H., Reizis B., von Boehmer H., and Gounari F. Efficient thymic immigration of B220+ lymphoid-restricted bone marrow cells with T precursor potential. Nat Immunol. 4: 866-873, (2003).
  5. Gounari, F., Aifantis, I., Martin, C., Fehling, H.-J., Hoeflinger, S., Leder, P., von Boehmer, H. and Reizis B. Tracing lymphopoiesis with the aid of a preTCR-a controlled reporter gene. Nature Immunol. 3: 489-495. (2002).

More Information

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