Patrick Wilson
Section of Rheumatology
Professor of Medicine


BS1992Youngstown State University 
MS1994Youngstown State University 
PhD2000University of Texas Southwestern Medical 
Fellowship2002Rockefeller University 

Academic Interests

Dr. Wilson's research is focused on B cell biology which revolves around the specificity of expressed antibody molecules. His lab has developed powerful approaches for rapidly characterizing B cell specificity and generating recombinant monoclonal antibodies. His investigations explore specific B cell responses in humans and mice for two purposes: 1) to learn how B cells are controlled to avoid autoimmune diseases such as lupus, and 2) to learn how B cells control infectious diseases such as influenza or dengue virus infections. In addition to gaining basic understanding of immune responses, his lab often generates monoclonal antibodies from humans that may be developed for diagnostic, passive immunization, or therapeutic uses.

Representative Publications

  1. Pauli N.T., Kim H.K., Falugi F., Huang M., Dulac J., Henry Dunand C., Zheng N.Y., Kaur K., Andrews S.F., Huang Y., DeDent A., Frank K.M., Charnot-Katsikas A., Schneewind O., Wilson P.C. Staphylococcus aureus infection induces protein A-mediated immune evasion in humans. J. Exp. Med. Nov 17;211(12):2331-9. PubMed PMID: 25348152. Pubmed Central PMCID: 4235641. (2014)
  2. Andrews S.F., Zhang Q., Lim S., Li L., Lee J.H., Zheng N.Y., Huang M., Taylor W.M., Farris A.D., Ni D., Meng W., Luning Prak E.T., Wilson P.C. Global analysis of B cell selection using an immunoglobulin light chain-mediated model of autoreactivity. J. Exp. Med. Jan 14;210(1):125-42. PubMed PMID: 23267014. Pubmed Central PMCID: 3549719. (2013)
  3. Henry Dunand, C., Leon, P., Kaval Kaur, K., Gene Tan, G., Nai-Ying Zheng, N-Y., Sarah Andrews, S.F., Min Huang, M., Xinyan Qu, X., Yunping Huang, Y., Marlene Salgado-Ferrer, M., Irvin Ho, I., William Taylor, W., Rong Hai, R., Jens Wrammert, J., Rafi Ahmed, R., Adolfo Garcia-Sastre, A., Peter Palese, P., Florian Krammer, F., Wilson, P.C., Pre-existing human antibodies neutralize the novel influenza H7N9 strain. J. Clin. Inv., In press. (2015)
  4. Di Niro R., Mesin L., Zheng N.Y., Stamnaes J., Morrissey M., Lee J.H., Huang M., Iversen R., du Pre M.F., Qiao S.W., Lundin K.E., *Wilson P.C., *Sollid L.M. High abundance of plasma cells secreting transglutaminase 2-specific IgA autoantibodies with limited somatic hypermutation in celiac disease intestinal lesions. Nature Med. Mar;18(3):441-5. PubMed PMID: 22366952. (2012) *Dr. Wilson is the co-corresponding author
  5. Wrammert J., Smith K., Miller J., Langley W.A., Kokko K., Larsen C., Zheng N.Y., Mays I., Garman L., Helms C., James J., Air G.M., Capra J.D., Ahmed R., Wilson P.C. Rapid cloning of high-affinity human monoclonal antibodies against influenza virus. Nature. May 29;453(7195):667-71. PubMed PMID: 18449194. Pubmed Central PMCID: 2515609. (2008)

More Information

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