Gregory Ruhnke
Section of Hospital Medicine
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Referring Physician Access Line: 1-877-DOM-2730


BA1991New York UniversityEconomics
MD1998Stanford University  
MS1998Stanford University Health Services Research
Residency2001Massachusetts General HospitalInternal Medicine (Primary Care)
MPH2007Harvard UniversityClinical Effectiveness
Fellowship2008Harvard Medical School / MGHGeneral Internal Medicine

Academic Interests

Dr. Ruhnke is interested in the relationship between health system capacity and the value of health care services. High-capacity regions experience greater intensity of utilization without improved outcomes. As physician supply and imaging infrastructure expand dramatically, the value of discretionary services that become common with heightened capacity must be clarified. Dr. Ruhnke’s research is also using novel conjoint analysis methods to understand the mechanisms by which regional capacity impacts physician decisions, and resource utilization, at the provider level.

Clinical Interests

Hospital Medicine

Representative Publications

  1. Ruhnke GW, Coca Perraillon M, Cutler DM. Mortality Reduction among Pneumonia Patients Still Substantial despite the Impact of Coding Changes. Am J Med. 2013;126(3):266-9.
  2. Ruhnke GW, Coca-Perraillon M, Kitch BT, Cutler DM. Marked Improvement in 30-Day Mortality among Elderly Inpatients and Outpatients with Community-Acquired Pneumonia. Am J Med. 2011;124(2):171-8.
  3. Ruhnke GW, Coca-Perraillon M, Kitch BT, Cutler DM. Trends in Mortality and Medical Spending in Patients Hospitalized for Community-Acquired Pneumonia: 1993 – 2005. Med Care. 2010;48(12):1111-6.
  4. Ruhnke GW, Wilson SR, Akamatsu T, Kinoue T, Takashima Y, Goldstein MK, Koenig BA, Hornberger JC, Raffin TA. Ethical decision-making and patient autonomy: a comparison of physicians and patients in Japan and the United States. CHEST 2000;118(4):1172-82.
  5. Ruhnke GW. Physician supply and the shifting paradigm of medical student choice. JAMA. 1997;277(1):70-1.

More Information

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