Representative Publications

  1. "Lipton RB, Drum M, Burnet D, Rich B, Cooper A, Baumann E, Hagopian W: Obesity at the onset of diabetes in an ethnically diverse population of children: what does it mean for epidemiologists and clinicians? Pediatrics 115: 2005, 553-560."
  2. "Leibel NL, Baumann EE, Kocherginsky M, Rosenfield RL: Relationship of adolescent polycystic ovary syndrome to parental metabolic syndrome. Journal of Clinical Endocrinoloy and Metabolism 91(4): 2006, 1275-1283."
  3. Mortensen M, Rosenfield RL, Littlejohn E: Functional significance of polycystic-sizeovaries in healthy adolescents. Journal of Clinical Endocrinolology Metabolism 91(10):2006, 3786-3790
  4. " Littlejohn EE, Weiss R, Deplewski D, Edidin, D, Rosenfield RL: Intractable early childhood obesity as the initial sign of insulin resistant hyperinsulinism and precursor of polycystic ovary syndrome. Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism 20(1): 2007, 41-51."
  5. Bordini B, Littlejohn E, Rosenfield RL Blunted Sleep-Related LH Rise in Healthy Premenarcheal Pubertal Girls with Elevated Body Mass Index. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology Metabolism 94 (4): 2009, 1168-1175

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