George Bakris
Section of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
Professor of Medicine
Director, ASH Comprehensive Hypertension Center
Referring Physician Access Line: 1-877-DOM-2730


BA1974The University of ChicagoBiology and Psychology
MA1975The University of ChicagoHuman Development
MD1981University Health Sciences/Chicago Medical SchoolMedicine
Residency1982Mayo Graduate School of MedicineInternal Medicine
Residency1983Washington University School of MedicinePsychiatry
Fellowship1984Mayo Graduate School of MedicinePhysiology and Hypertension
Residency1986University of Illinois at ChicagoInternal Medicine
Fellowship1987The University of ChicagoClinical Pharmacology
Fellowship1988The University of ChicagoNephrology

Academic Interests

Dr. Bakris' academic interests are focused on understanding the factors that influence kidney disease progression. A specific focus is ethnic disparities in kidney disease development and progression. His specific area of interest involves the interaction of hypertension in the presence and absence of diabetes on development of kidney disease. Dr. Bakris has been involved in a number of national and international trials that investigate declines in the rate of kidney function. He was one of the Principal Investigators of the NIH funded African American Study of Kidney Disease (AASK) trial completed in 2008. Additionally, he was Co-Principal Investigator of one the research groups funded through a SCOR mechanism to identify specific genes that may account for such disparities. More recently, he served on the executive committee of the ACCOMPLISH trial which resulted in a paradigm shift of blood pressure treatment guidelines. Additionally, he was the Co-Principal Investigator of the Simplicity HTN-3 trial that focused on a new technique for controlling refractory hypertension by denervating arteries that feed the kidneys. Currently, he is the Principal Investigator of the FIDELIO trial evaluating a novel agent to slow diabetic nephropathy and on the Steering committee of two other trials in diabetic nephropathy. He is also the Chair of the American Diabetes Association Blood Pressure Consensus Report and serves on several guideline committees including the AHA/ACC updated resistant hypertension guidelines in progress

Clinical Interests

Teaching clinical research methodology, Treating Patients with challenging hypertension

Representative Publications

  1. Wright, JT Jr., Bakris G, Greene T, Agodoa LY, Appel LJ, Charleston J, Cheek D, Douglas-Baltimore JG, Gassman J, Glassock R, Hebert, Jamerson K, Lewis J, Phillips RA, Toto RD, Middleton JT, and Rostand SG. Effect of blood pressure lowering and antihypertensive drug class on progression of hypertensive kidney disease: results from the AASK trial. JAMA 2002; 288; 2421-2431
  2. Bakris GL, Sarafidis PA, Weir MR, Dahlöf B, Pitt B, Jamerson K, Velazquez EJ, Staikos-Byrne L,Kelly RY, Shi V, Chiang YT, Weber MA, for the ACCOMPLISH investigators. Renal outcomes with different fixed-dose combination therapies in patients with hypertension at high risk for cardiovascular events (ACCOMPLISH): a pre-specified secondary analysis of a randomised controlled trial. Lancet 2010; 375:1173-1181
  3. Bakris GL, Townsend RR, Flack JM, Brar S, Cohen SA, D'Agostino R, Kandzari DE, Katzen DT, Leon MB, Mauri L, Negoita M, O'Neill WW, Oparil S, Rocha-Singh K, and Bhatt DL. 12-Month Blood Pressure Results of Catheter-Based Renal Artery Denervation for Resistant Hypertension: The SYMPLICITY HTN-3 Trial. J.Am. Coll.Cardiol. 2015;65 (13): 1314-1321.
  4. Bakris GL, Pitt B, Weir MR, Freeman MW, Mayo MR, Garza D, Stasiv Y, Zawadzki R, Berman L, and Bushinsky DA. Effect of Patiromer on Serum Potassium Level in Patients with Hyperkalemia and Diabetic Kidney Disease: The AMETHYST-DN Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA 2015;314 (2):151-161.
  5. Bakris GL, Agarwal R, Chan JC, Cooper ME, Gansevoort RT, Haller H, Remuzzi G, Rossing P, Schmieder RE, Nowack C, Kolkhof P, Joseph A, Pieper A, Kimmeskamp-Kirschbaum N, and Ruilope LM. Effect of Finerenone on Albuminuria in Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA 2015;314 (9):884-894.

More Information

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