Yusuke Nakamura
Section of Hematology / Oncology
Professor of Medicine


MD1977Osaka University Medical School, Japan 
PhD1984Osaka University, JapanMolecular Genetics

Academic Interests

Dr. Nakamura has been contributing to genomic medicine and also cancer research fields for more than two decades. He is one of the pioneers in applying genetic variations (VNTR and SNP markers) and whole-genome analysis in medical science in the world. His contribution in the past can be measured by his publication of nearly 1,200 articles. His recent work focuses on the molecular characterization of druggable molecular targets including some kinases and methyltransferases that are specifically expressed in cancer cells. Using cancer-specific molecules, he has developed therapeutic cancer vaccines and antibody to treat cancer, and is also developing molecular targeting drugs. In addition, he has been leading the research field of personalized medicine.

More Information

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