Barbara Stranger
Section of Genetic Medicine
Assistant Professor of Medicine


BA1994University of ChicagoBiological Sciences
PhD2002University of MontanaBiology
Fellowship2004University of BarcelonaPopulation Genetics
Fellowship2009Wellcome Trust Sanger InstituteFunctional Genomics

Academic Interests

Dr. Stranger’s research focuses on both human disease genetics and basic genome research in a population-based paradigm. Her research uses a combination of experimental and computational approaches to elucidate the identity, function, and evolutionary history of functional regions of the genome in order to gain a better understanding of the genetic basis of complex phenotypes in health and disease. The lab specifically investigates the influence of genetic variation, ancestry, age, sex, cell-type, tissue-type, and epigenome on transcriptional networks, genetic and epigenetic roles in gene splicing, and population genomics of regulatory regions and variants. Her research interests include diseases with an immune component, human pregnancy, genome transcriptional regulation, the epigenome, and human evolution.

Representative Publications

  1. Raj, T., M. Kuchroo, J.M. Replogle, S. Raychaudhuri, B.E. Stranger*, P.L. De Jager*. Cis-regulatory regions influencing inflammatory disease are targets of recent positive selection, in review.
  2. Li, Q., J.-H. Seo, B.E. Stranger, A. McKenna, I. Pe'er, T. LaFramboise, M. Brown, S. Tyekucheva, M. L. Freedman. 2013. Determinants of Gene Expression in Breast Cancer, Cell, in press.
  3. Trynka, G., C. Sandor, H. Xu, B.E. Stranger, X.S. Liu, S. Raychaudhuri. 2013. Complex trait associated alleles are enriched for cell-specific chromatin marks, Nature Genetics, Dec 23 2012. doi: 10.1038/ng.2504. [Epub ahead of print]
  4. Dimas, A.S., A.C. Nica, S.B. Montgomery, B.E. Stranger, T. Raj, A.Buil, T. Giger, T. Lappalainen, M. Gutierrez-Arcelus, MuTHER Consortium, M.I. McCarthy, E.T. Dermitzakis. 2012. Sex-biased genetic effects on gene regulation in humans, Genome Research, 22(12):2368-75
  5. Stranger, B.E., S.B. Montgomery, A.S. Dimas, L. Parts, O. Stegle, C.E. Ingle, M. Sekowska, G. Davey Smith, D. Evans, M. Gutierrez-Arcelus, A.L. Price, T. Raj, J. Nisbett, A. Nica, C. Beazley, R. Durbin, P. Deloukas, E.T. Dermitzakis. 2012. Patterns of cis regulatory variation in diverse human populations, PLoS Genetics, 8(4): e1002639.

More Information

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