Fredric Coe
Section of Nephrology
Professor of Medicine
Co-Director, Kidney Stone Program; Director, Clinical Research Training Program
Referring Physician Access Line: 1-877-DOM-2730


BA1955The University of Chicago 
BS1957The University of ChicagoPhysiology
MD1961The University of Chicago 
Residency1964Michael Reese HospitalMedicine
Residency1965Michael Reese HospitalChief Resident
Fellowship1969University of TexasNephrology

Academic Interests

Dr. Fredric Coe and the Kidney Stone Research Group are focused on achieving a better understanding of the processes that lead to kidney stone formation and determining ways to provide better prevention and treatment of stones. Protocols involving data mining from an extensive database of laboratory and clinical materials collected over four decades have helped to create a coherent sense of the disease for physicians worldwide, and have complemented more basic studies in providing a clinical rationale. Recent discoveries have included the first convincing evidence that stone forming patients are hypertensive as a population. Additionally, human experimental protocols performed in the Clinical Research Center are aimed at understanding the pathogenesis of genetic hypercalciuria and have led to the description of variability in proximal tubule function as a mechanism for the increased calcium excretion seen in these stone formers. Other interests include understanding the contribution of renal oxalate handling to the clinical risk of stone disease. Collaborations with Profs Andrew Evan and James Lingeman (Indiana University) involve study of papillary and deep medulla biopsies from stone forming patients obtained during percutaneous nephrolithotomy. This work has led to the discovery that renal stone disease begins as apatite plaque in the basements of thin loops of Henle, and to characterization of the physiological factors that control plaque formation.

Clinical Interests

Prevention and treatment of kidney stones

Representative Publications

  1. Matlaga BR, Miller NL, Terry C et al.: The pathogenesis of calyceal diverticular calculi. Urol Res 35:35-40, 2007
  2. Evan AP, Lingeman J, Coe F et al.: Renal histopathology of stone-forming patients with distal renal tubular acidosis. Kidney Int 71:795-801, 2007
  3. Asplin JR, Coe FL: Hyperoxaluria in kidney stone formers treated with modern bariatric surgery. J Urol 177:565-569, 2007
  4. Worcester EM, Gillen DL, Evan AP et al.: Evidence that postprandial reduction of renal calcium reabsorption mediates hypercalciuria of patients with calcium nephrolithiasis. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol 292:F66-F75, 2007
  5. Matlaga BR, Coe FL, Evan AP, Lingeman JE: The role of Randall's plaques in the pathogenesis of calcium stones. J Urol 177:31-38, 2007

More Information

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