Dorothy Hanck
Section of Cardiology
Professor of Medicine
Vice-Chair of Appointments and Promotions


BA1968Illinois State UniversityEnglish
PhD1981Temple UniversityPhysiology

Academic Interests

Dr. Hanck’s research focuses on cardiac ion channel biophysics, physiology, and pharmacology with the goal of identifying heart specific characteristics and their structural bases that can be used to direct rationale drug design. On-going projects target the cardiac Na channel including its intrinsic kinetics and interaction with clinically used antiarthythmic drugs. In addition, complementary studies on other isoforms of this channel, as found in the nervous and endocrine system as well as studies of gap junction and calcium channels are also being conducted.

Representative Publications

  1. Martin, R.L., J-H Lee, L. L. Cribbs, E. Perez-Reyes, and D. A. Hanck. Mibefradil block of cloned T-type Ca channels. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. 295:302-308, 2000.
  2. Sheets, M.F. and D.A. Hanck. The outermost lysine in the the S4 of domain III contributes little to the gating charge in sodium channels. Biophysical Journal. 82:3048-55, 2002.
  3. Sheets, M.F. and D.A. Hanck. Molecular origin of the modulated receptor: Lidocaine and the cardiac sodium channel. Journal of General Physiology. 121:163-75, 2003.
  4. Siebert, A.L., J. Liu, D.A. Hanck, and K.M. Blumenthal. Arg-14 loop of site 3 anemone toxins: effects of glycine replacement on toxin affinity. Biochemistry 42:14515-14521, 2003.

More Information

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