Mary Hammes
Section of Nephrology
Associate Professor of Medicine
Director, Woodlawn Dialysis facility
Referring Physician Access Line: 1-877-DOM-2730


BS1981Winona State UniversityNursing
MD1988Texas College of Osteopathic Hospital 
Residency1992Loyola University Internal Medicine
Fellowship1995The University of ChicagoNephrology

Academic Interests

Dr. Mary Hammes has followed patients with end-stage renal failure on hemodialysis for several years. Her current research interests have been to study and improve vascular access for this patient population. She is interested in understanding the mechanism of venous stenosis in arteriovenous fistulae, specifically cephalic arch stenosis in patients with brachiocephalic fistula access.

Clinical Interests

Comprehensive care of the end-stage renal failure patient with efforts to prevent complications as they pertain to hemodialysis and ensure adequate, safe, quality dialysis treatments.

Representative Publications

  1. Hammes MS, Lieske JC, Pawar S, Spargo BH, Toback GF: Calcium oxalate monohydrate crystals stimulate gene expression in renal epithelial cells. Kidney International 8: 501-509, 1995.
  2. Lieske JC, Hammes MS, Toback GF: Role of calcium oxalate monohydrate crystal interactions with renal epithelial cells in the pathogenesis of nephrolithiasis: a review. Scanning Microscopy 10: 519-534, 1996.
  3. Lieske JC, Hammes MS, Hoyer JR, Toback FG: Calcium oxalate monohydrate crystals stimulate gene expression and protein secretion in renal epithelial cells. Kidney International 51: 679-686, 1997.
  4. Poduval RD, Hammes MS. Tuberculosis screening in dialysis patients – is the tuberculin test effective? Clinical Nephrology 59: 436-440, 2003.
  5. Poduval RD, Wolgemuth C, Ferrell J, Hammes MS. Hyperphosphatemia in Dialysis: Is There a Role for Focused Counseling? Journal of Renal Nutrition 13: 219-223, 2003.

More Information

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