Bohao Chen
Section of Pulmonary / Critical Care
Research Associate (Associate Professor)


MD1985Hubei Medical CollegeMedicine
MS1988Tongji Medical UniversityPathology
MS2002Loyola UniversityComputer Science
Fellowship2005The University of ChicagoPulmonary Medicine

Academic Interests

Dr. Chen's research interests are focused on exploring the molecular mechanisms of airway constrictor hyperresponsiveness in asthma and searching for novel therapeutic approaches to this disease, including: 1). Determination of mechanisms that Gata5 deficiency causes airway constrictor hyperresponsiveness in mice; 2). Evaluation of the role of GATA5 in the regulation of Apo E-LDLR pathway in airway remodeling and constrictor hyperresponsiveness; 3). identification of the role of HLA-G in the activation of LILRB – SHP2 signaling pathway in airway inflammation and asthma; 4). Exploration of compounds that regulate contractile protein accumulation and modulate myofilament polymerization and/or reduce force generation in airway smooth muscle.

Representative Publications

  1. Chen, B., Stiff, P., Sloan, G., Kash, J., Manjunath, R., Pathasarathy, M., Oldenburg, D., Foreman, K. E. and Nickoloff, B. J. (2001) Replicative response, immunophenotype, and functional activity of monocyte-derived versus CD34(+)-derived dendritic cells following exposure to various expansion and maturational stimuli. Clin Immunol. 98, 280-292
  2. Chen, B., Liu, G., Shardonofsky, F., Dowell, M., Lakser, O., Mitchell, R. W., Fredberg, J. J., Pinto, L. H. and Solway, J. (2006) Tidal breathing pattern differentially antagonizes bronchoconstriction in C57BL/6J vs. A/J mice. J Appl Physiol. 101, 249-255
  3. Pinto, L. H., Eaton, E., Chen, B., Fleisher, J., Shuster, D., McCauley, J., Kedainis, D., Siepka, S. M., Shimomura, K., Song, E. J., Husain, A., Lakser, O. J., Mitchell, R. W., Dowell, M. L., Brown, M., Camoretti-Mercado, B., Naclerio, R., Sperling, A. I., Levin, S. I., Turek, F. W. and Solway, J. (2008) Gene-environment interactions in a mutant mouse kindred with native airway constrictor hyperresponsiveness. Mamm Genome. 19, 2-14
  4. Chen, B., Yates, E., Huang, Y., Kogut, P., Ma, L., Turner, J. R., Tao, Y., Camoretti-Mercado, B., Lang, D., Svensson, E. C., Garcia, J. G., Gruber, P. J., Morrisey, E. E. and Solway, J. (2009) Alternative promoter and GATA5 transcripts in mouse. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 297, G1214-1222
  5. Chen, B., Hsu, R., Li, Z., Kogut, P. C., Du, Q., Rouser, K., Camoretti-Mercado, B. and Solway, J. (2012) Upstream stimulatory factor 1 activates GATA5 expression through an E-box motif. Biochem J. 446 (1), 89-98.

More Information

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