Academic Interests

Dr. Tamarina’s research focuses on aspects of potassium channel expression and regulation of intracellular calcium in pancreatic beta cells. She is also analyzing the effects of expressed genes or gene suppressing constructions in various cell systems.

Representative Publications

  1. Tamarina NA, Wang Y, Mariotto L, Kuznetsov A, Bond C, Adelman J, Philipson LH. Small-conductance calcium-activated K+ channels are expressed in pancreatic islets and regulate glucose responses. Diabetes. 2003 52:2000-6.
  2. Fridlyand LE, Tamarina N, Philipson LH. Modeling of Ca2+ flux in pancreatic beta-cells: role of the plasma membrane and intracellular stores. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2003 285:E138-54.
  3. Qian F, Huang P, Ma L, Kuznetsov A, Tamarina N, Philipson LH. Related TRP genes: candidates for nonselective cation channels and store-operated channels in insulin-secreting cells. Diabetes. 2002 51 Suppl 1:S183-9.
  4. Ma L, Tamarina N, Wang Y, Kuznetsov A, Patel N, Kending C, Hering BJ, Philipson LH. Related Articles, Links Baculovirus-mediated gene transfer into pancreatic islet cells. Diabetes. 2000 49:1986-91.
  5. Roe MW, Worley JF 3rd, Qian F, Tamarina N, Mittal AA, Dralyuk F, Blair NT, Mertz RJ, Philipson LH, Dukes ID. Related Articles, Links Characterization of a Ca2+ release-activated nonselective cation current regulating membrane potential and [Ca2+]i oscillations in transgenically derived beta-cells. J Biol Chem. 1998 24;273:10402-10.

More Information

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