Maria-Luisa Alegre
Section of Rheumatology
Professor of Medicine


BS1981Universite Libre de BruxellesMedical Sciences
MD1985Universite Libre de Bruxelles 
Residency1989Universite Libre de BruxellesInternal Medicine
PhD1993The University of ChicagoImmunology
Fellowship1995Universite Libre de BruxellesIntensive Care
Fellowship1998The University of ChicagoImmunology

Academic Interests

Dr. Alegre is interested in T cell tolerance. She studies peripheral mechanisms that contribute to inhibiting T cell activation such as CD4+/CD25+ regulatory T cells and surface receptors that limit T cell expansion (CTLA-4 and PD-1). She has shown that cross linking or over expression of CTLA-4 can reduce allograft rejection and prevent autoimmunity in animal models. She is currently studying the role of NF- B activation in T cells in autoimmunity models.

Representative Publications

  1. Subudhi SK, Zhou P, Yerian LM, Chin RK, Lo JC, Anders RA, Sun Y, Chen L, Wang Y, Alegre ML*, Fu YX*. B7-H1 costimulation promotes T cell-mediated autoimmune diabetes and islet transplantation rejection. J. Clin. Invest., 113:694-700, 2004 (* co-last authors).
  2. Fallarino F, Grohmann U, Hwang KW, Orabona C, Vacca C, Bianchi R, Belladonna ML, Fioretti MC, Alegre ML, Puccetti P. Modulation of tryptophan catabolism by regulatory T cells. Nature Immunology, 4:1206-1212, 2003.
  3. Zhou P, Hwang KW, Palucki DA, Kim O, Newell KA, Fu YX, Alegre ML. Secondary lymphoid organs are important but not absolutely required for allograft responses. Am. J. Transplant., 3:359-366, 2003.
  4. Zhou P, Hwang. KW, Palucki DA, Guo Z, Boothby M, Newell KA, Alegre ML. Impaired NF-kB activation permits tolerance to primary heart allografts and secondary skin grafts. Am. J. Transplant., 3:139-147, 2003.
  5. Hwang KW, Sweatt WB, Brown IE, Blank C, Gajewski TF, Bluestone JA, Alegre ML. CUTTING EDGE: Targeted ligation of CTLA-4 in vivo by membrane-bound anti-CTLA-4 antibody prevents rejection of allogeneic cells. J. Immunol., 169:633-637, 2002.

More Information

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