Eugene Chang
Section of Gastroenterology
Professor of Medicine
Martin Boyer Professor of Medicine; Associate Director for Academic Programs & Training in Gastroenterology
Referring Physician Access Line: 1-877-DOM-2730


BA1972Johns Hopkins UniversityNatural Sciences
MD1976The University of Chicago 
Residency1979The University of ChicagoInternal Medicine
Fellowship1982The University of ChicagoGastroenterology

Academic Interests

Dr. Chang's laboratory investigations include the mechanisms of mucosal cytoprotection to inflammation and immune-associated injury that involves the study of inducible heat shock proteins. He is also interested in Na absorptive mechanisms of the epithelial cell which is focused on defining the role and regulatory mechanisms of Na-H exchange proteins in gut and renal cells. The four isoforms expressed by these epithelia have region- and cell-specific expression and differ in their physiological roles. His lab is currently studying how these isoforms reach different parts of the epithelial cell membrane and the cellular mechanisms involved in regulating their activities.

Clinical Interests

Epithelial biology and pathobiology, inflammatory bowel disease, electrolyte transport, diarrheal disorders

Representative Publications

  1. Kojima K, Musch MW, Ropeleski MJ, Boone DL, Ma A, and Chang EB. Eschericha coli LPS induces heat shock protein 25 in intestinal epithelial cells through MAP kinase activation. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol 286: G645-G652, 2004
  2. Kojima K, Musch MW, Ren H, Boone DL, Hendrickson BA, Ma A, and Chang EB. Enteric flora and lymphocyte-derived cytokines determine expression of heat shock proteins in mouse colonic epithelial cells. Gastroenterology 124:1395 - 1407, 2003
  3. Musch MW, Clarke LL, Mamah D, Gawenis LR Zhang Z, Ellsworth W, Shalowitz D, Mittal N, Efthimiou P, Alnadjim Z, Hurst SD, Chang EB, and Barrett TA. T-cell Activation Causes Diarrhea by Increasing Intestinal Na/K ATPase. J. Clin. Invest. 110: 1739-1747, 2002
  4. Musch MW, Kaplan B and Chang EB. Role of increased basal expression of heat shock protein 72 in colonic epithelial C2bbe adenocarcinoma cells. Cell Growth & Differ. 12: 419-426, 2001
  5. Sugi K, Musch MW, Field M and Chang EB. Inhibition of Na+ K+ ATPase by interferon g Ć’ndown-regulates intestinal epithelial transport and barrier function. Gastroenterology 120: 1393-1403, 2001

More Information

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