Matthew Brady
Section of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
Associate Professor of Medicine


BA1987The University of ChicagoBiological Sciences
PhD1994The University of ChicagoPharmaceutical and Physiological Sciences
Fellowship1997Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical ResearchCell Biology

Academic Interests

The Brady lab in the Kovler Diabetes Center has a long standing interest in studying adipocyte biology, energy metabolism and insulin sensitivity. The lab is currently focused on two collaborative transdisciplinary projects: 1) determining the impact of altered sleep quality, circadian behavior and bariatric on cellular and systemic insulin sensitivity in humans; 2) studying the role of chronic social isolation on mammary gland development, mammary adipose tissue biology and the progression of triple negative breast cancer in rodents.

Representative Publications

  1. Broussard, J., Ehrmann, D.E., Van Cauter, E., Tasali, E and Brady, M.J. (2012) Impaired insulin signaling in human adipocytes following experimental sleep disturbance. Ann. Int. Med. 157, 549-557 PMCID: PMC4435718
  2. Volden, P.A., Wonder, E.L., Ye, H., Kocherginsky, M., Smith, E., Kregel, S., McClintock, M.K., *Brady, M.J. and *Conzen, S.D. (2013) Chronic social isolation is associated with metabolic gene expression changes specific to mammary adipose tissue. Cancer Prev. Res. 6,634-645 Cover article. PMCID: PMC3881320
  3. Carmean, C.M., Cohen, R.N. and Brady M.J. (2014) Systemic regulation of adipose metabolism. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1842,424-430
  4. Carmean, C.C., Haung, Y-G. H. and Brady, M.J. (2016) Glycogen repletion in brown adipose tissue upon refeeding is primarily driven by allosteric enzymatic regulation. PLoS One 11, e0156148 PMCID: PMC4877058
  5. Volden, P.A., Skor, M.N., Johnson, M.B., Singh, P., Patel, F.N., McClintock, M.K., *Brady, M.J. and *Conzen, S.D. (2016) Mammary adipose tissue-derived lysophospholipids promote estrogen receptor-negative mammary epithelial cell proliferation. Cancer Prev. Res. 9, 367-378 PMCID: PMC4854771

More Information

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