Sonia Kupfer
Section of Gastroenterology
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Referring Physician Access Line: 1-877-DOM-2730


BA1996Yale UniversityGerman Studies
MD2001University of ChicagoMedicine
Residency2004University of Chicago 
Chief Resident2005University of Chicago 
Fellowship2008University of ChicagoGastroenterology

Academic Interests

Dr. Kupfer's research is focused on the identification of genetic factors that contribute to risk of gastrointestinal diseases (including colorectal cancer, celiac disease and IBD) especially across different populations. In collaboration with Dr. Anna Di Rienzo, Professor in the Department of Human Genetics, she is investigating inter-individual and inter-ethnic differences in genetic and transcriptional responses to steroid hormones such as vitamin D and glucocorticoids. They are interested in how individuals respond to these hormones both in the peripheral blood and colon. Understanding these differences will help elucidate tissue-specific steroid hormone pathways as well as allow for individualized prediction of treatment response (e.g., glucocorticoid treatment in IBD or vitamin D treatment to prevent colorectal cancer). In collaboration with Dr. Nathan Ellis, Associate Professor at the University of Chicago Illinois, she is also studying genetic susceptibility factors to colorectal cancer specifically in African Americans who have the highest colorectal cancer incidence and mortality in the US. They have assembled a large series of patients from Chicago as well as North Carolina and are working to identify common as well as rare genetic variants that are associated with colorectal cancer in this population. Finally, she is interested in elucidating genetic and transcriptional signatures of celiac disease. To this end, she is collaborating with Dr. Bana Jabri on an experimental system to compare gene and gene expression differences in specific cell types involved in celiac disease pathogenesis.

Clinical Interests

Diagnosis and treatment of patients with genetic disorders such as hereditary gastrointestinal cancer syndromes and celiac disease.

Representative Publications

  1. Genetic heterogeneity in colorectal cancer associations between African and European americans. Kupfer SS, Anderson JR, Hooker S, Skol A, Kittles RA, Keku TO, Sandler RS, Ellis NA. Gastroenterology. 2010 Nov;139(5):1677-85, 1685.e1-8. Epub 2010 Jul 24. PMID: 20659471 [PubMed - in process]
  2. Novel single nucleotide polymorphism associations with colorectal cancer on chromosome 8q24 in African and European Americans. Kupfer SS, Torres JB, Hooker S, Anderson JR, Skol AD, Ellis NA, Kittles RA. Carcinogenesis. 2009 Aug;30(8):1353-7. Epub 2009 Jun 11. PMID: 19520795 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]Free PMC ArticleFree text
  3. Aggressive systemic mastocytosis presenting with hepatic cholestasis. Kupfer SS, Hart J, Mohanty SR. Eur J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2007 Oct;19(10):901-5. Review. PMID: 17873616 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
  4. Racial and gender disparities in hereditary colorectal cancer risk assessment: the role of family history. Kupfer SS, McCaffrey S, Kim KE. J Cancer Educ. 2006 Spring;21(1 Suppl):S32-6. PMID: 17020499 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
  5. Treatment of chronic hepatitis B. Mohanty SR, Kupfer SS, Khiani V. Nat Clin Pract Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2006 Aug;3(8):446-58. Review. PMID: 16883349 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

More Information

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