Shalini Reddy
Section of Hospital Medicine
Professor of Medicine
Associate Program Director,Internal Medicine Residency Program, Mercy Hospital
Referring Physician Access Line: 1-877-DOM-2730


BA1988The University of TexasBiochemistry
MD1993The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School 
Residency1996The University of Texas Southwestern Medical SchoolInternal Medicine

Academic Interests

Dr. Reddy's primary area of interest and expertise is medical education. She has held significant leadership roles in medical student and resident education and continues to actively teach in clinical settings. She has conducted research in four main areas:(1) professional development; (2); the fourth year of medical school and the residency matching process and trainees’ selection of specialties (3) feedback in medical education; and (4) assessment in graduate medical education. Currently, she focuses the majority of her time working with residents and conducting research in assessment of clinical competence.

Clinical Interests

Hospitalized internal medicine patients

Representative Publications

  1. Reddy, S. T., Farnan, J. M., Yoon, J. D., Leo, T.,Upadhyay, G. A., Humphrey, H. J., & Arora, V. M. (2007). Third-year medical students' participation in and perceptions of unprofessional behaviors. Academic Medicine, 82(10), S35-S39.
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  3. Durning S.J., Elnicki D.M., Cruess D., Reddy S., Kernan W.N., Harrell H.E., Schwartz M.D., Fagan M.J., Battistone M., Hauer K.E. “Almost Internists: Analysis of Students Who Considered Internal Medicine but Chose Other Fields.” Academic Medicine. 2011, 86, 2, 194-200
  4. Jena A.B., Arora V.M., Hauer K.E., Durning S., Borges N., Oriol N., Elnicki M., Fagan M.J., Harrell H.E., Torre D., Prochaska M., Meltzer D.O., Reddy S.T. The Prevalence and Nature of Postinterview Communications Between Residency Programs and Applicants During the Match between residency programs and applicants during the National Residency Match Academic Medicine Oct 2012, 87, 10.
  5. Sidlow R., Mechaber, A. J., Reddy S., Fagan M., & Marantz P. R. (2002). The internal medicine subinternship. Journal of general internal medicine, 17(7), 561-564.

More Information

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