Rong Stephanie Huang
Section of Hematology / Oncology
Assistant Professor of Medicine


BS1998Shanghai Medical UniversityPharmacy
PhD Course Work2000Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical CollegesMicrobiology Pharmacy
MA2002Purdue UniversityPharmacy
PhD2005Purdue UniversityPharmacy
Fellowship2009University of ChicagoClinical Pharmacology & Pharmacogenomics

Academic Interests

Dr. Huang is a member of Committee on Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacogenomics, The University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center, Center for Personalized Therapeutics and Faculty Oversight Committee for Pharmacology Core facility. Dr. Huang served as a director for the Pharmacogenomics of Anticancer Agents Research (PAAR) Cell Line Core. The Huang lab has a focus on translational pharmacogenomic research with particular interest in the pharmacogenomics of anticancer agents. By systematically evaluating the human genomes and their relationships to drug response and toxicity, our goal is to develop clinically useful models that predict risks for adverse drug reactions and non-response prior to administration of chemotherapy. We utilize cell lines, and clinical samples to discover and functional characterize genetic variations for their roles in chemotherapeutic sensitivity.

Representative Publications

  1. R. Stephanie Huang, Shiwei Duan, Wasim K. Bleibel, Emily O. Kistner, Wei Zhang, Tyson A. Clark, Tina X. Chen, Anthony C. Schweitzer, John E. Blume, Nancy J. Cox and M. Eileen Dolan. A genome-wide approach to identify genetic variants that contribute to etoposide-induced cytotoxicity. PNAS, 2007; 104 (23): 9758-9763.
  2. R. Stephanie Huang, Shiwei Duan, Emily O. Kistner, Wasim K. Bleibel, Tyson A. Clark, Tina X. Chen, Anthony C. Schweitzer, John E. Blume and M. Eileen Dolan. Genetic Variants Contributing to Daunorubicin-Induced Cytotoxicity. Cancer Research, 2008; 68 (9): 3161-3168. PMCID: PMC2714371
  3. Shiwei Duan, R. Stephanie Huang, Wei Zhang, Wasim K. Bleibel, Cheryl A Roe, Tyson A. Clark, Tina X. Chen, Anthony C. Schweitzer, John E. Blume, Nancy J Cox and M. Eileen Dolan. Genetic Architecture of Transcript-level Variation in Humans. American Journal of Human Genetics, 2008; 82(5), 1101-1113. PMCID: PMC2651622
  4. Eric Gamazon, R. Stephanie Huang, Nancy J. Cox and M. Eileen Dolan. Chemotherapeutic Drug Susceptibility Associated SNPs are Enriched in Expression Quantitative Trait Loci. PNAS, 2010; 107(20): 9287-9292. PMID: 20442332.
  5. R. Stephanie Huang, and Mark J Ratain. Pharmacogenetic and Pharmacogenomics of Anticancer Agents. CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, 2009; 59(1): 42-55. PMID: 19147868.

More Information

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