Academic Interests

Dr. Glick investigates factors that contribute to healthcare disparities and educational strategies that help physicians decrease these disparities. She is currently designing a curriculum in patient-centered care for resident physicians. Dr. Glick enjoys teaching primary care internal medicine to residents and medical students.

Clinical Interests

Primary care for adults, patient-centered care, women’s health, asthma

Representative Publications

  1. Chou C, Jain S and Glick S. Teaching Residents to Teach in the Ambulatory Setting: A Curriculum. Academic Medicine. 2001; 76: 571.
  2. Glick SB. Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding. In Yee EFT, Baillie S, Ho M, Schapira M and Van Egeren L. Women’s Primary Care Guide. VHA Employee Education System, HQ Women’s Health Program and HQ Office of CIO. 2001.
  3. Buchanan D, Rohr L, Kehoe L, Glick SB and Jain S. Changing Attitudes Toward Homeless People: A Curriculum Evaluation. Journal of General Internal Medicine. 2004; 19: 565-567
  4. Clarke P, Glick S and Reilly BR. On the Threshold: A Diagnosis of Exclusion. New England Journal of Medicine. 2005; 352: 919-924.

More Information

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